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Handling: By positioning the bike frame upside down the BTC got a shorter base compared to the top, which enables effortless balanced towing with almost all weight on the wheels, tall standing with quick stops and swift take offs. The reduced foot print tall standing is handy wherever space is limited as in busses, trams and elevators. The large high-quality wheels roll smoothly. You lift the BTC ergonomically in the stealth design handles.

Packing is easy and straightforward. You replace the handle bar and stem with the head tube adapter and spacers - fix the bike frame to the base -build the cage from sub-assemblies - strap the wheels inside - wrap the outer textile. Zip and you are ready to go.

Safety: Your bike is extremely well protected in the BTC. The cage is made from tough polypropylene tubes and robust aluminium profiles who surround the bike. The BTC’s cage with its unique cross-tube system prevents outside loads from reaching your bike. The frame and wheels are well separated as the frame is locked to the base and the wheels are strapped to the sides of the cage. The wheel centres are additionally protected by plastic sheets on the inside of the textile. The cage is covered and held in place by the tough Oxford fabric which is reinforced by webbings.

Materials matter: The aluminium profiles are made of DIN 6060 natural anodised aluminium.  The Oxford 500 denier fabric with polyurethane coating, webbings, handles and straps are made of polyester. The sheets, tubes and joints are made from polypropylene. Handles are made in aluminium with soft rubber touch EPDM surface.

Very convenient and easy to use
— Early customer
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